Monday, March 1, 2010


We went to Kingston for the weekend for some family stuff - Hubs got to ice fish on closing weekend, Maddie got spoiled by Gramma V and I spent some time with the fam. Before we headed back on Sunday, we watched my (almost) 8 year old niece play hockey. It was fairly adorable watching these little gals skating around on the ice. I think the Hubs was even more smitten than I, as afterwards, he couldn't resist handing a stick to Maddie to play with. Apparently she's a righty. And we need to buy her skates next fall..


On our trip down to Kingston we experienced our first mid-transit-vomit-fest. Both the Hubs and I had motion sickness as kids (hell, I still do on long trips) - and apparently we just had to wait for Maddie to "grow into" this lovely little life skill. We washed the carseat cover and scrubbed down the carseat as much as possible, but my pregnant nose can still smell it. Hoping for an early spring thaw this weekend so we can properly hose it down and leave it out for a sunbath. PS - cleaning vomit, on the side of the 401, with nothing more than a few kleenex's and Tim Horton's napkins?  AWESOME!


I made my first purchase for the baby`s room on Friday. Some gorg Amy Butler patterned fabric for the drapes. (Sidebar: I LURVE the site Pink Panda Fabrics - and bonus? They ship within Canada for free!) Now I just have to figure out my sewing machine. And how to sew...


Today after my midwife appointment, I stopped in at Chapters as I had convinced myself that I MUST buy the "Birth Partner" book (my current research obsession - aside from the nursery design is natural/non-drugged-up childbirth - yes, I'll wait until you stop laughing...) and while I was browsing through the "Parenting" section, I found myself picking up the first "official" purchase for Sproggy#2 ('cuz I don't really count the fabric for the drapes - that really falls into the home decor category, non?). It's a Peter Rabbit baby book and it's adorable and I swear it smells like baby powder. I fear this first purchase may snowball into a frenzy of adorabe gender-non-specific onesies and socks and little monkey hats before the week is over.


And on a related note - while at Chapters, I also picked up some lift-the-flaps-you're-a-total-sucker-if-you-buy-this-Dora-Easter-book for lil Madds. Because the guilt? Of buying something for Sproggy#2 and not bringing anything home for Maddie... yeah, this is going to be an expensive 4 months.



Jen O. said...

That guilt-buying is now a lifelong thing, my friend. Every present purchased legitimately from now on will be followed up by a guilt-influenced present for the other child.

Kate From England said...

I have a girlfriend who did the whole hypno-birthing thing and she swears by it. Apparently she had the most amazing, calm labour and delivery and wouldn't have done anything differently. Now, being sans bebe myself, I don't know if she is just purely insane, but it might be worth a bit of research.

Vone said...

Vomit - I've been there many times. We were driving in a rain storm unable to get off the road and I'm trying to calm a puking kid. Oh and this was kid 2 after kid 1 had already puked earlier that day.
With 2 girls I feel guilty that I never buy anything for Isla since she has so many hand-me-downs. I'm sure when she's older and understands I will.
I also know someone who did hypno-birthing and had a great experience.

Melissa said...

Are you going to get the 3D ultrasound to find out the sex?