Wednesday, April 7, 2010

29 weeks

Nesting. That's my word for this week.

A few nights ago, while we lay in bed, I turned to the Hubs, "We HAVE to paint the nursery this weekend". 

His response? "It's Sunday night. We just got Maddie's room done. Can you give me a few days break before you line up all the things we need to do this weekend?"

But all you moms out there get what I mean, right? Feeling like you just HAVE to get this done RIGHT NOW if possible. Yes, the nesting urge is alive and well - and keeps my brain going with all the things that I'm feeling very "behind" on. Namely the nursery - getting that done, or at least painted, will make me feel a lot more relaxed. I think. I hope...

In other news, I don't have PUPPs - the rash has disappeared completely. So we'll chalk that up to crazy hormones and their wacky reaction to substances that I've never had a reaction to before.

And after being advised by my midwife to up my iron pills to 3 a day, I've felt pretty good. At least in the mornings I do - that dragging-yourself-half-dead-out-of-the-bed-in-the-morning feeling has abated. The 3pm slump still comes. And after 8pm? You'll find me curled up on the couch attempting to stay awake for at least an hour before I give up and succumb to the blessed sleep by about 9-ish.


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