Thursday, April 8, 2010

I caved - he didn't

On Tues night, around 8:15pm, my resolve caved.

Me: Okay, let's just do the 3D ultrasound and find out the sex.

Hubs: Nope.

Me: ???? What? I thought you were dying to find out? I thought you were annoyed that I wanted to keep it a surprise?

Hubs: We decided to keep it a surprise, so that's what we're doing. Anyways - isn't it too late to do it?

Me: It's ALMOST too late. The ideal time is before 26 weeks, but we could still do it.

Hubs: Nope.

Me: (whining like a 5 year child at this point) But why??? I've changed my mind - I thought you'd be happy.

Hubs: You convinced me a surprise would be fun. Don't be so convincing next time.

And so... hrrrrumph.


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