Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2nd time lucky?

My midwife can't decide if the baby is breech or not. A few weeks ago she was quite sure it was breech (as was I, considering if felt like I had a watermelon stuck between my ribs). And then yesterday, at my bi-weekly appointment, she wasn't so sure.

But because she wants to be sure (because surety is a good thing re: this whole breech business apparently), I'm scheduled for an ultrasound... tomorrow! (In fairness, I had to book the u/s weeks ago, on the basis of "just in case" -- but assumed I wouldn't get to use it, so didn't tell anyone about it.)

So....... say it with me...... squee! Another ultrasound! Another chance to see the baby's bits!

Yes - I am fully on board with "ruining" the surprise with only 5 weeks to go. I dare you to judge me. I'm hormonal and pregnant. Really? Do you REALLY want to take me on?

In an effort to explain just why we (I) so badly want to find out.... well, we're (I'm) planners. We (I) like to prepare and plan and make lists and plan and prepare and pre-wash little baby clothes that are so small you can't even imagine something so small... And if we (I) can determine whether some of the existing baby clothes can be used, before taking our (OUR) credit card out to the nearest Carter's and blowing a trillion dollars on a new gender-free wardrobe.... well, that would be in ALL our best interests, right?

Also - we can't decide on a boy's name. Because, dammit, boys names are hard. And we don't want to be those parents that leave the hospital with Baby X Vallier. Right?

It's the responsible thing, really.

And yes, before you ask - the girl's name, should we get to use it, is set. Has been for months. MONTHS.

So in essence, if it's a girl, we're good. We have the clothes, we have the name. All we need to do is sew the drapes.

And if it's a boy... well, we may just have to get our asses in gear a bit. Make some decisions. Go shopping. And... sew the drapes.

So what do you think the odds are, that the baby will still be shy? I'm guessing .... yeah. NO.


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