Wednesday, May 26, 2010

36 weeks

I am big.

I am hot.



Kidding - this has been a bit of a milestone week actually! Because yesterday (and the heat and the lack of a/c and probably just the fact that I'm 30 pounds heavier than usual) I noticed my feet/ankles swelling for the first time! Woot woot. Can. You. Feel. The. Excitement?

I think I may have jinxed myself, as over the weekend my friend's mom asked me how I was feeling, was I getting puffy/bloated/uncomfortable etc etc etc. And I was all "oh no - surprisingly I haven't had swollen ankles at all - and last time with Maddie I had them from month 7 on, so I must be avoiding that this time around!". Ahahhahaha - famous last words.

So yeah - little does he know, the Hubs will be ponying up a foot massage before the week is out. Given we actually get our a/c fixed on Thursday when the technician comes. Because if that doesn't happen, then I suspect we may just murder each other.

Murder? Sounds excessive you ask?

Well, judging from last night... he told me (after I berated him for being so grumpy with us for no reason), "You don't understand how hot I am - I'm so uncomfortable!". And I may or may not have pointed at the massive watermelon attached to me and responded, "I think my Royal Flush trumps your Full House, so you can eff off." And this is the edited, pg version of the story...

So yes, I'm swelling up like a puffer fish and we have no a/c. In happier news, I FINALLY have more energy. Like, awake and doing things isn't torture past 8pm energy-styles. Which must mean that I'm finally not sick anymore? Or perhaps am feeling the final-four-week-adrenaline-rush?

Not sure, but it does mean that I attempted to start sewing the drapes for the baby's room last night. Until approximately 10:45pm. I succeeded (in 3.75 hrs) to a) cut the fabric, b) cut the lining, c) iron 2 sides of each piece of fabric into a 1/2 inch "hem" and d) punch myself in the face about five thousand times for being so stupid as to think that I should attempt to try and sew lined drapes myself, when last time I checked, I take the Hub's shirts into the drycleaner if they're missing a button. (Kidding. I don't really do that. I'm far to cheap. He just wears the shirt without the button. HA)

Suffice to say, I'm am possibly an over-reaching idiot.

But don't think that doesn't mean I'm not going to finish these bloody drapes. They won't be pretty. They won't be even. They may not even be all that functional. But they will be finished.

Screw you Home-Ec. I took Drama instead. Clearly that was a wise-idea in high school.


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Vone said...

If you're in the city this week and want to come over after work I could help you out with the drapes.
Give me a shout.