Monday, May 17, 2010

Berry exciting

Our weekend consisted of NO PLANS... This is how Hubs and I kept reminding each other all week of just how the weekend would be.

"And remember - we're not making any PLANS this weekend, right? Just sticking around home?"

Yes, after a week of sickness (me and Dr. Google think it was likely bronchitis that slapped me and Maddie down for the count almost all week - gotta love those "must run its course" virus-type illnesses - perfectly timed as always), and our sad-kitty-news, not to mention a previous couple of weekends of busy-busy-travel, we wanted one of those weekends where we were committed to No One for Nuthin'.

Luckily we both stuck to our word - and the weekend of NO PLANS fell into place. Of course NO PLANS doesn't mean that we veg'd out the entire time. Nope - it was the first (of many I'm sure) yardwork weekends. Which sounds a little strenuous for a bronchitis-ridden pregnant woman, right? Not to worry - I very much put on my "foreman" hat and "helped" by "making suggestions" mostly.

Well, except for the weeding - that's where I got to get down and dirty. Because I love my weeding tool. And swearing like a sailor at the millions of dastardly dandelions that dare inhabit my lawn. Nothing like getting caught saying, "I've got you now motherfucker!" as you pull up one of those 7-headed Medusa-style dandelions (long root intact - score!), right at the same moment that a new mother and her 3 month old stroll past.

Yup, I'm the classiest neighbour you'll ever find up here in the boondocks... Wanna be friends?

And while I was wreaking havoc on the weeds, the Hubs did the whole top soil/grass seed thing to try and make our front lawn a little less the "embarrassment of the street". It was Rona's $1 black earth sale this weekend, so we decided to go for it and top-dress the entire lawn instead of the patch-jobs we did last year.

As the Hubs said, "This better make a difference, or I'm ready to just give up."

Also on the agenda for the weekend was buying and planting several hydrangea shrubs (1/2 price at Sheridan Nursery - we got the deals I tell you!) and some raspberry + blueberry bushes in the backyard.  Here's hoping we get to enjoy the "fruits" of our labour before the summer is out! Erm.... punny...

I'd love to show you some pics of our efforts - but someone still hasn't gotten around to making it down to the nearest camera shop to test drive some new models, because someone was sick as a freaking dog all week and someone else doesn't think camera-shopping/research falls under his umbrella of responsibilities.

So, just imagine a lush green, weedless lawn, with large flowering beautiful shrubbery and big thick berry bushes with branches literally dripping in fat, juicy fruits.  And that's... not what anything looks like right now.

Except in my mind...


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