Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kijiji blind date

We interviewed our first teenage babysitter today. I have (for the past year or so) been trying to find someone through a "neighbour referral" - to no avail. I supposed it doesn't help that we don't actually know that many people in the neighbourhood, and those that we have met, only seem to have 12 year olds (a little young to be babysitting until 11pm).

So to Kijiji I went... (and can I just for probably the eleventy-millionth time tell you how much I HEART Kijiji? Especially since I've been selling all my old maternity clothes through it lately and making a nice little cache of spending $$ on items that would have otherwise just found their way into the Goodwill bin)... but finding a babysitter through Kijiji? I felt a little sketchy. Especially as I studiously ignored all the "I'm 30-something and just love kids and want to make some extra money on the side" ads ... not that I don't think that it's all possible, but there's just something more legit about a teenage kid wanting to do some occasional babysitting, you know?

And so the first "normal" looking ad I responded to, asking if she'd be willing to come for an interview first so we could meet each other, Maddie could meet her etc etc etc.

She showed up with her mom in tow (which I found to be somewhat reassuring - they were just as nervous about our "kijiji meet up" as I was) (and also? I'll totally be that over-protective mother). Things to note about future babysitting interviews:
  • Perhaps I should at least attempt to prepare some questions beforehand. I'm anal and love my lists, but didn't think to actually write down any of the questions or things I wanted to go over ahead of time - which meant I missed about 5 things I wanted to cover. Dumbass.
  • Setting a time of 5pm for anything (especially an interview with a complete stranger) borders on the demented as Maddie is a) whiny and annoying at that time of day, b) hungry and demanding a snack before dinner, and c) only interested in parking her bottom in front of the tv to watch DORA on repeat until dinner is served.
  • 5pm also happens to be Katie's clusterfeeding / fussy time. Again - not all that conducive to trying to get to know a complete stranger.
Needless to say - it was a LONG 30 minutes. Filled (luckily) with the babysitter's mom's anecdotes about having babies + toddlers and the chaos that goes with this stage. But in the end? I think we may have found our teenage occasional sitter - she is a sweet, unassuming girl who is going for her lifeguard certification this fall, who enjoys playing intramural soccer, who attends a private French school and therefore is completely bilingual, and who volunteers on the weekends to teach art to children.

Holy shiznay, right? She really does seem like a perfect child - don't expect she'll be inviting boys over for a snog after Maddie goes to bed.

So we are covered and free to attend a friend's housewarming party this weekend + numerous "date nights" in the near future. Woot to Kijiji!


PS - No, I'm not leaving baby Kate with her as well - she will be tagging along with us. Babies that don't speak and don't run around and (hopefully) don't cry are welcomed at this non-kid affair. We'll just tuck her in the corner somewhere so she can sleep through it... (who are we kidding, she'll be in the sling worn by me all night)

PPS - Funny embarrassing story of the day? In the middle of the interview, Maddie randomly began demanding to be nursed. DEMANDING it. Like "Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY! I want boobie milk!" all while feeling me up with the obnoxiousness of a 15 year old boy. I told my audience that I wasn't sure why she was doing this, as she is no longer being nursed and never asks for it. The mother's response? "Oh they just know the right buttons to press to get the attention they want in these situations." Touché Wise Woman, touché.

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