Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five years

Only five years married - but a lifetime of knowledge.
Growing together. Becoming friends, then becoming a bit more than friends, and then friends again.

Sharing the same taste in music.
Enjoying a beer on the back deck, listening to Zeppelin and basking in the warm sun.

Sharing the same goals.
A cottage, a dock, a boat. Listening to Otis sing about this very thing while we watch our kids jump, run and play.

Sharing an upbringing.
Content with a suburban life, happy to leave the hustle/bustle behind and raise our children in a similar environment that we enjoyed as kids.

Sharing the fundamentals.
Both only children - understanding the difficulty of sharing, understanding the comfort and selfishness and spoiling and loneliness of being one all at the same time.

Sharing hobbies.
Golf (well, someday we'll be able to do this together again - maybe when the girls are 18). Concert-going (again, someday...). Movie-watching, BBQ'ing, outside-backyard-enjoying, gardening, reality-tv-loving, weekend-lounging.

Sharing temperaments - but not too much.
I bring you up, I add the loudness. You ground me, you bring the sanity.

Sharing a future.
A long one.


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L. said...

How sweet!