Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bottle woes

When Maddie was young we were all about making sure the bottle was introduced at the right time (i.e. not too early to avoid nipple confusion and not to late to make sure she didn't turn it away) - I think we gave her a bottle when she was around 5-6 weeks old. She took to it well - didn't seem to have a problem with bottle vs. breast and switched back and forth very easily (until about 9 months when I thought it was time to start the weaning process and she immediately REFUSED any and all bottles - but that's another headache I'm sure we'll get to experience again).

Now this doesn't mean I actually left Maddie a whole lot - but when I did, I could do so, knowing she'd be fed and happy(ish).

Well... chalk up another parental mis-step to us being a) lazy, b) tired, and c) distracted... I haven't been watching the calendar/clock this time around - which in the most part has been great. It means I don't get all tied up in knots if she's not meeting all the specific developmental "milestones" on time. But it also means that she was about 9 weeks old before I realized, shit, we haven't given her a bottle yet.

So we've been trying here and there... and failing fairly miserably each time. My sister-in-law has been most successful - she got her to take about 2 ounces a few weekends ago. But it took forever and Katie was pretty lukewarm about the whole thing.

To be honest, I'm one of those silly moms who actually doesn't spend a whole lot of time away from her baby and I'm usually pretty okay with it. Except when I'm not. Or I want to have a few glasses of wine. Or I think about my impending birthday plan that will take me away for an overnight trip in about 3 months time... So yes, while I too prefer to breastfeed vs. trying to do a bottle on a regular basis, I do realize the necessity of having it as a viable backup plan.

Also? I'm not pumping a freezer full of milk for no good reason...

So last night, as Katie started to get hungry I heated up a fresh bottle, handed it to Daddy and quietly left the room.

She took to it quite quickly and readily (I was peeking around the corner). Doing really well actually until I decided to take a picture of the cuteness. And then she got distracted. Or saw that it was not actually me, or a boob, that she was with - and WTF? She was pissed.

I quickly left the room again - apparently she went back to the bottle for about 5.8 seconds and then tried to root around on Daddy looking for something better. Unsuccessful she started to wail. And wail. And WAIL.

Brought up to me within 2 minutes of me leaving the room, she settled in for a LOOOOONG meal. As in - I know you're trying to keep this from me so Imma gonna stock up.

Maybe it's the bottles? We're using the Avent bottles that Maddie took to so readily - but I know, different babies like different things... Any better bottle/nipple suggestions out there?

Before things went all pear-shaped...


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Joanna and Marcus said...

Alex hated all the bottles that Hayden loved. I found the tiny newborn bottles to work best for the first six months (who knows why)