Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'd forgotten just how hard a baby makes getting anything done. Actually - as I write that, I realize that's not totally fair. Christmas 2007 Maddie was just a wee 2 month old. And they sleep. A LOT. They're also happy in pretty much anyone's arms. Which means getting a few consecutive hours here and there to decorate and bake and shop and do all the other stuff required to get ready for the holidays is not so difficult.

A 5 month old? Well, that's a bit of a different story. I got a lot of our indoor decorations up on Sunday (after the Hubs got home) - and the tree has been put up... but still not decorated. And my poor mantel sat half-decorated for several days.

It was making me itchy.

So... after everyone went to bed last night, I indulged in a little one-on-one time with my lovely mantel (it's a corner fireplace, meaning it's large and a bit awkwardly shaped and... just never get a corner fireplace - trust me).

But now I can rest easy that at least this one corner of the living room is DUN.

(Also, please ignore the stockings - I have PLANS y'all... which may involve crafting... or may involve spending some hard-earned $$ at the local craft show this weekend - we'll see...).

In the meantime though.... twinkly lights!
And yes, clementines are a perfectly acceptable form of holiday trim - 
in fact, at Casa Vallier we call them Christmas Oranges!


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Carly said...

Gorgeous! But last have TWO children, right? Which one are you neglecting in the stocking department?