Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Five Months

Dear Katie,

5 months. We're almost half-way there baby! What is there to say about this month? You're awesome. You have so much patience (I think I could learn a thing or two) - you watch me make dinner, you watch me check emails, you watch me play with your sister - as long as you're in the thick of it, you're a happy camper.

The sleep continues to be up and down - some nights you give us the 8 hour stretch, other nights (more recently) it's been an every-two-hour thing. Growth spurts, colds/congestion - they've all been working against us. If I'm to be honest though - I don't mind the early morning wake-ups - the 4am snuggles back in my bed. I danced the same slow dance with your sister against everyone's advice and I'd never ever give up those sleepy nursing cuddles. That's our time - when everyone else is still sleeping and we're both half awake and snuggly.

But with all that eating has come the chunk.

Oh the baby chunk - your legs have those rolls that just keep going and going and going. And forget about a wrist - you have a crease instead. I love nom-nom-nom'ing your cheeks and feet and pretty much every part of you - and you (of course) find this hilarious. You smile and let out one of your treasured hehhhhhh's - the rare low-voiced giggle that we can go for days without hearing. You're one tough crowd missy - and it's never the same thing twice that makes you laugh. Don't worry - I'll continue to work for it. Cuz I'm the funny one, and that's my thing okay?

The best part of a good giggle (or even big smile) is your dimple. As your cheek gets plumper it gets more and more pronounced and I love it. We have no idea where you got it - not a single dimple on either of us - but you have one smack dab in the middle of your left cheek and it's freaking adorable!

Milestone of the month? You started with the hanging bouncy chair thing - you like it fine, but will only really bounce if someone's watching you. Show off...

Another milestone I wish we could check off is your starting to take a bottle - but alas you continue to fight it. I've finally found a bottle that you don't scream about - but you just chew on it and look at me like, "Seriously? Are you still trying this shit with me?" I'm leaving for the better part of 8 hours on Friday - you're gonna be hanging with Daddy and Bucky - be nice to them, okay? Or at least, try not to scream too much.

"Okay lady, I guess we're doing this photo thing again, huh?"

"Wait! What is that cool jingly thing you're waving madly above your head?"

"Damn lady - you be heeee-larious!"

"Okay, I'm over this photography session and gonna start wrecking the place..."

Love you my little Katiebear.... my Kates... my snugglerumpskin... my bugalootwo.


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Carly said...

oh-emm-gee she is squishable!! I must see her again soon. Thanks for a lovely note and peek into your Mumma-Daughter life. It's always a pleasure.