Friday, November 12, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugh....

The Good:

  • Katie is back to sleeping 8 hour chunks at night. She did a little stint there where she was waking up at 11ish and then every 3 hours after. It's mind-blowing that I actually did that almost every night with Maddie for 1.5 years. Fuckme I was insane..
  • Yesterday was Rememberance Day which is the official date by which I cannot start decorating for Christmas before ... and now I have the all-clear! Our house will slowly be Christmas-fied over the next couple of weeks and I can almost smell the cinnamon sprinkles on my gingerbread Starbucks latte.
  • Along with the holiday decorating I have two very cool projects percolating in my noggin' - nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but if either turn our half as good as I envision them, I'll be happy to sharesies some pics with yous.
  • Maddie's really into playing dollies these days and so my background noise daily is now the chitter-chatter of various personalities while they argue or dance or play tag or get ready for the big ball. Invariably there's something said that makes me smile and I keep meaning to get it on video so I can post for the world to see and embarrass Maddie's future 15-year-old self. As Maddie tells me daily, "Mommy - I'm usin' my 'magination!"
  • We're spending this weekend at my in-laws new house on the lake. The Hubs helped them move a few weeks ago and is beyond excited to get Maddie out on the dock with her new Barbie fishing rod. I foresee me drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate inside while I attempt to start reading my new book purchase (the new Jane Green - nothing groundbreaking or mindbusting, but enjoyable for this nursing mother who is grasping onto her last few brain cells with all hands).
The Bad:
  • Maddie is slowly, deliberately instituting a new practice of torture in the way of the "I have no ears, I am deaf to all requests for rationality. I will only SHOUT all my DEMANDS at you UNTIL YOU COMPLY". She has broken us. I can only aim to please during these tirades.
  • Katie's still fighting the bottle like the bull-headed little monkey that she is. I finally found that the Playtex drop-in bottles with latex nipple won't make her scream and cry in protest, but she still just chews around on it and looks at me with disgust. Unfortunately (for her) she gets her bullheadedness from me, so we dance this two-step daily. But yeah, she's winning... for now.
The Ugh:
  • Our furnace starting making a weird smell last night - like that burny smell your hair dryer makes right before it stops working. So we turned it off and lived in a 65 degree house for 18 hours until the technician could come take a look. Turns out a dirty air filter can cause your furnace to overheat and burn shit up and make a weird smelly smell. Air filters are the Hubs' department - so he owes me $66.67. I will take it in foot massages... (I realize this is actually good news, because buh - furnace fixing fees are not in our budget right now - like, AT ALL - so yay to the under $100 fee to find out we're lazy morons. YAY!)

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