Friday, May 23, 2008

1 down, 23 to go...

No - not pounds. Items on my "project list" that I wanted to accomplish while I was off work... It's all going a heck of a lot slower than I ever really anticipated. Let's face it. It hasn't gone at all until just recently. I guess 7 months is when it finally got easier for me. That's not so bad right? (Yes, I can hear the snickers from the peanut gallery - for your information ladies, you are all like supermoms, making exclusively homemade baby food, baking pies and cakes from scratch, entertaining large groups of party goers while your babe(s) sleep soundly upstairs and you stress not one little bit. That's great for you ... but I am not that talented!!) Okay, rambling tangent over.

So I decided to put my list of 'to do's here. I figured that it would accomplish a few things. Namely, 1) helping to get rid of some of the clutter in my scatterbrain and 2) I've always been more motivated when I publicly announce a goal.
  1. Paint and hang the letters for Maddie's room
  2. Build toy box/organizer in Maddie's closet
  3. Buy or build bookshelf for Maddie's room
  4. Organize photos cronologically, add notes and put into albums
  5. Re-organize spare room to make more 'guest-friendly' - get rid of second dresser
  6. Take boxes of old stuff to goodwill
  7. Post and sell not-so-old stuff on kijiji
  8. Organize underneath stairs in basement - storage area
  9. Repaint bedframe in spare room
  10. Repaint dining room chairs
  11. Re-uphoster dining room chairs
  12. Refinish cradle in cherry stain for Maddie's room
  13. Refinish bedside table in cherry stain for Maddie's room
  14. Build workbench and shelving in garage
  15. Clean out and organize garage - move tools, Christmas boxes etc. out to garage
  16. Touch up paint on walls in house
  17. Put up wall hangings
  18. Put up knife rack in kitchen
  19. Choose and print photos for empty frames
  20. Hang collage of frames over sofa
  21. Put up under the cupboard cd player/radio
  22. Get Guinness posters professionally mounted
  23. Unpack the rest of the moving boxes in basement
  24. Plant herbs in large wooden planter in backyard
Well, at least it will be fun to come back to this list every once in a while and scratch off another item. Hopefully I can get through the majority of it before September. That's only 3 months away...



Melissa said...

I just read a book about procrastination... I liked the tip about doing the thing on your list you most dread doing FIRST... and so on... makes the do to list less daunting as you check things off...

Liz said...

Hey where are you "getting rid of the dresser too" because I am in the hunt for a spare dress, maybe I could help you out in your quest to check items off your list. XO L.