Saturday, May 24, 2008

Garage sale bonanza

I think the best way to explain my love for garage sale "season" (as I call it), is to compare it will Seth's obsessive love of football. Anyone of you that knows Seth, knows how he gets excited like a kid in a candy store as the weeks to football season approach. That's pretty much how I feel about garage sale season. It's short - starting mid-April (depending on weather) to mid-June, it's competitive (gotta get there early or the best stuff will be loooooong gone), and it's so satisfying (if you like getting great deals that is).

Today I was still too sick to contemplate heading to my regular class at the gym, and so, without guilt, I headed out to the sales instead. Armed with $60 and a Timmie's double double, I started to work my way methodically across the village of Brooklin.

Oh - it was a garage sale diva's heaven today. I think I hit more than 20 sales. And 5 of those were street sales - which means a tonne of houses offering up their wares all at once. So many deals to be had...which I of course had to take advantage of. I picked up a walker for Maddie (that has the 2 legs push together and becomes a little riding scooter thing for when she's older - hard to explain, but multi-functional nonetheless). I picked up some Weebles (these toys are SO cool! I haven't seem them in stores, so I guess they're another one of those items like the peek-a-boo blocks that she likes, that can only be found on ebay and at garage sales - I'll definitely be looking for more - they're like the Playskool answer to Fisher Price Little People, which we also love). I picked up some baby gates, a mirror toy and a wooden block set that I've already ruined by letting it soak in the water too long while I was cleaning it (the paint started to chip off ... oh well).

So there you go - more garage sale success stories from the Vallier household. If I had realized what I know now, I would have bought all my baby stuff last year in the garage sales leading up (strollers, playpens, excersaucers, swings, bouncy chairs - they seem to be at every single sale I visited). Oh well, I will just have to be happy with all the toys I can get now (and will continue to get for many years to come I expect).

Yes, it's been a favourable season thus far...


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