Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update from the infirmary

We are both sick with a cold. Me more so (I think whatever antibodies my body is using to fight it off is passing along to her in the breastmilk, so she's not got it as bad) ... but it's been a rough couple of days.

Last time I was sick she was a lot smaller, and MUCH easier to keep entertained (read: happy). I remember that we spent one of those sick days pretty much in bed where she played while awake, but also happily took 3 hour naps with me a few times throughout the day.

Yeah, those days are over. I tried to get her to nap with me yesterday - thinking she might nap longer that way, allowing me to sleep longer (which did used to be the case). Well, I think she's gotten so used to sleeping on her own and in her crib, that it's the only place she'll really sleep now. So we napped at the same time, but separately yesterday.

And when she's awake she's ALL ABOUT the playing. Which means I need to be slightly more awake than just comatose to entertain her. Or at least feign interest while she entertains herself on the floor. Thank god for the new toys she got this weekend - new toys are far more interesting than old toys.

So that's it for us. I've been wanting to post and we've got lots of updates for you all - but it's taken all of my energy to keep pouring glasses of juice and putting the kettle on for tea. I do promise that I'll post more interesting stuff soon.

Until then - send me healthy, germ-fighting wishes and wish me luck in my attempts at unblocking her nose with that bulb suction thingy.


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