Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend in Bancroft

Well, this past Friday we packed up the car and headed up to Bancroft to visit with my step-brother, Derek and his family. Mom and Walt were up there was well, so it was a little family reunion of sorts.

We got there on Friday night around 8:30pm and lucky for us, there was shish-ka-bobs left over from dinner for us to eat. After a quick visit with everyone, Maddie was ready for bed - so we put her down and joined everyone out by the fire and ate roasted marshmallows (lots)!

Saturday morning the men got up early to go fishing and the ladies got up early to go garage-saleing! Well, Grandma stayed and watched the grandkids and Auntie Amy and I went to the garage sales. They were great - I got some toys for Maddie, Amy got a few things for Rebecca and Victoria, and I bought a couple of boardgames for the girls (note to self: don't buy toys like Mousetrap that have a lot of small parts from a garage sale - likely there will be a piece or two missing and/or broken - resulting in 2 very dissapointed little nieces).

Saturday night was a big feast of all the fish the boys caught while out that morning - then it was an early night for everyone.

Sunday morning the guys went out fishing again and the ladies enjoyed a leisurely morning around the house. I bounced in the trampoline with Rebecca and Victoria while Grandma and Auntie Amy fought over who got to spoil/feed/cuddle Maddie.

We left early afternoon on Sunday and headed back to Whitby (made it back in 2 hours - Maddie slept the WHOLE way - woo hoo!). After a quick unpacking and shower for Seth, we headed back out to our friend's, Rob & Vone's for a BBQ (well, they BBQ'd and we all hung out in the basement hiding from the cold weather). It was great seeing everyone, but by 10pm Maddie was at the end of her rope and it was time to head home for us.

Yesterday Seth went golfing with the boys, while Maddie slept the morning away (she took a 3 hour nap - yes, I think someone had a bit of a tiring weekend!). I cleaned up the toys I got her from the garage sales (she LOVES the activity table - yay!), cleaned up the kitchen and finished unpacking. When Seth got home Maddie was just getting ready to go back down for another nap - so he took the opportunity to lay down as well and enjoyed a Maddie-Daddy nap in our bed for an hour and a half. Too cute.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. The fireworks last night woke Maddie up a few times, but all I kept thinking was how cute it will be next year to have her watching them. And I finally managed to finish painting the letters for her room (one more project to finally cross of the list) last night before I went to bed - so her room will now have a bit of decoration. Yeah, only took 7 months. Oops.

Here's a few pics from the weekend ... hope you all enjoyed yours!

Princess Maddie

Meeting of the minds

Holy fish!

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