Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay - so I got this link from someone?  The Scoop, I think.  And holy shit, do I want this bike (so much so that I'm whoring out the side bar of my blog for it - so CLICK dammit, cliiiiiiiiiickkkkkk!).

Actually, I've been looking at buying a bike recently.  And because I'm so cool and retro and very, trés vogue I've been perusing my retro-options.  Because mountain bikes, eh.  Not all that exciting to me.  I'm not biking any mountain in the near future.

And I also have a larger-than-average bum. Not an "athletic-I'm-going-to-scale-this-crazy-mountain" bum. Which means - give me a big, cruising, bike seat please. In fact, I would totally take a banana seat if I could find one...

So with my lovely thoughts of an old fashioned bicycle with a basket on the front, cruising around my boondocks, and Maddie strapped precariously behind me, I started scouting, and searching, and googling.  

And then I found one of those seats that strap just behind the handlebars and thought, that's just super cool and interactive and tra-la-la, I'm an eco-mom who rules.

Again I digress... so I'm searching for a fancy ol' bicycle and found a very cool program founded by Kona (who are bike-gurus or something).  It's called the AfricaBike - and for every 2 they sell, they will donate a bike to home health care workers in Africa (who use the bikes to deliver ARV drugs to HIV/AIDS patients in a variety of African countries).  Anyways - this isn't a public service message - but it was a standard, classic-styled bike.  Not the prettiest, but it worked for me.

However, when all is said and done, I'm a bit of a procrastinator (I think I've talked about this before?), so I haven't ordered the bike.

And now I've fallen in love with another. I'm so fickle... 

Oh well, at least it's inspired me to start looking again.



L. said...

Fabulous :-)

Deb said...

on the note of seats that strap just behind the handlebars...we have this one:

haven't used it with Alex, but we used to use it with Austin. He loved it!

SnH said...

That's cool - thanks. Deb - I had no idea you were such a sport-o!? Hiking, camping, biking... jeez, I thought I knew you!


Ryan said...

I just wanted to clarify that the bike seat for Austin is on my bike and not Deb's.

It is great although takes some adjustment in riding as knees hit is etc. You have to get a little bow legged, but once you are used to it, it is pretty good, and as Deb said, Austin loved it.