Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Babysitter

She came. She sat. She conquered.

We had been preparing Maddie all day on Saturday for the fact that Gabrielle was coming to hang out at dinner time. That Mommy and Daddy were going out and taking Baby Katie with us. And therefore, it would be Gabrielle who did bath-time, story-time + bed-time with her.

I had no hopes that all of this prep-work would stick. In fact, I fully expected to have a nightmarish, leg-clinging toddler on my hands when it actually came time to go.

Oh how wrong I was! She (meaning Maddie) was awesome - totally took it in stride and informed Gabrielle of all the above facts. "You gonna give me a bath, then read me books, and then put me to bed!"

So it would seem we have found a babysitter. Woot.


PS - our night out was fabulous - thank you R&V for the great dinner invite!

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