Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Months

Dear Katie,

Two months and already it feels like a lifetime. You fit into our family perfectly - all attitude, all up in everyone's business, all opinionated and LOUD.

But you do let us put you down now. In fact you spend far more time in the bouncy chair, watching your crazy sister bounce around the room, than I ever imagined you would. Or you like to chill on the playmat, "talking" to the hanging animals or at that other baby looking back at you in the mirror.

Coo's have replaced the grunts - we like that. You sound and act much happier these days. Especially if someone takes the time to just sit and sit and sit with you. You're smiley and talkative and I swear you have silent laughed at some of the faces I pull at you.

The sleep is getting spend the first half of the night in your crib now - all swaddled up and cozy in your sleep positioner. But you rarely let me put you back down in there after your first wake-up. And so I spend the rest of my night with you, sleeping in the daybed. You have done a few 5 hour stretches of sleep, but those are random and certainly not the norm. Oh well - at least the second time around I realize that this stage, while exhausting, does eventually end. Even your sister, the worst sleeper in the world sleeps through the night now- you'll get it...eventually.

And in fairness, you sleep like a bloody champ during the day. While you still much prefer to be sleeping either on my lap or in the sling, you will let me put you down in the crib for a nap or two a day. (I've experimented with putting you down on your belly and you sleep forever like that - even with me checking on you constantly. I know you'd sleep forever at night if I put you on your tummy, but I'm too nervous, maybe next month.)

I'm trying to find us a mommy-baby yoga class to take in the fall - this is something I never got a chance to do with Maddie and I really hope I get the chance to do it with you, my little Katie-bear.

You are getting so big - I have no idea what your weight is right now, but I'm guessing you're up at least a pound or more from your six week appointment. You're filling out, putting on the baby chunk that makes you feel so much less fragile and "new" like.

So that's us at month two... Falling into routines. Learning about one another. Doing the dance only young families can do - learning and re-learning and adjusting and re-adjusting. Some days are hard. Some days are amazingly easy.

Happy month two, my little Katie-bear!


PS - blue eyes still going strong... Gooooooo blue!

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